Then below the previous snippet, use our identifyfunction to send us customer data. Be sure to modify it with the attributes that you'd like to send. offers you a highly dedicated team with extensive expertise in the field of machine learning, data science and data processing.

Using modern toolset based on R, Python and distributed computing solutions on Hadoop, Spark, H2O, MLDB, etc., we move your business intelligence to the next level of automation.

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  • Different sources of data related to sales, marketing and supply chain, which should be combined in order to track the whole path from a warehouse to the end customer
  • Reliable prediction of future sales and demands
  • Comprehensive reporting and data visualisation


  • One simple tool to fetch data from all required sources
  • Initial processing to unify obtained datasets
  • Prediction model training on historical data and trained model deployment to use as a service
  • Whole bunch of standard reports like sales, customer acquisition, finance etc with required level of customization

One of our clients: already uses the benefits of our modern data analysis toolbox. We provided:

  • Data fetching solution for different website domains in .ca, .eu and .com zones from Magento and Google Analytics
  • Time based reports for sales and customer acquisition with a wide variety of options like product category and inventory data both region and marketing channel based

Advantages of using social data in any B2C project:

  • There are multiple tools to get social data and most of them are free
  • Social data significantly helps to add a wide range of features to your customer profiles which allows businesses to do better customer validation and predict possible relationship strategies

The most interesting option of using social data in marketing is KOL (Key Opinion Leader) identification.
There are several benefits of working with opinion leaders:

  • They influence people in an informal and confidential manner.
  • It’s possible to reach new market segments that otherwise would have not come across your brand.

We identify the right opinion leaders on Facebook and Twitter by:

  • Searching social profiles within a certain area
  • Creating opinion profiles (using sentiment analysis)
  • Proposing the right engagement tactics, based on an opinion leader’s preferences profile
  • Measuring the performance of opinion leader engagement
  • Providing the results of analysis in a variety of forms: Word and PDF documents, presentations, HTML documents with tables and plots

The data processing product showcases our approach to accomplishing opinion leader identification:

We propose to extend the customer profile with a combination of social data and machine learning for credibility prediction.

The benefits of using social data are the following:

  • Social data is global and freely available
  • It’s relatively easy to collect social data automatically
  • The whole customer social graph is like a customer profile

We work with a Singapore based micro financing startup. Our solution for them includes:

  • Collecting social graph data via their mobile app and the Facebook sign on process
  • Calculating several profile metrics depending on the number of customer connections, frequency of posts, likes, shares, etc.
  • Grading the reality of a user profile
  • Using actual credits and returns we train the prediction model to match the credibility score with the whole customer social profile. This allows us to find hidden connections between the customer’s social behaviour and credibility

It’s hard to understand the potential of your product without statistics. Related marketing decisions depend on numerous data sources including a wide range of visualizations. To tackle this problem we provide our customers worldwide with services based on modern data processing and a visualising toolbox.

We can provide the following reports:

  • Survey processing
  • Sentiment analysis of product reviews
  • Statistical research of probable connections between different products in the same category
  • Using historical data for one product to predict the market response to another product in the same category

It is worth to use a sophisticated solution combining the best ideas in science and technology to improve people’s health or save someone’s life.

Being passionate about what we do, we are always interested in new challenges in both modelling and engineering fields. Here are the problems we can work on together:

  • Improving the performance of your existing prediction model or data solution
  • Data journalism - scraping, visualising and interpreting any open data sources to make a story out if it
  • If you have data but not sure of how to deal with it - we are glad to share our experience

As the result we are aimed to move your business intelligence to the next level of automation.


Alexander Gedranovich
Co-Founder, PhD
Lead of data science

Andrei Lapanik
System architect

Volha Hedranovich
Data scientist

Dmitri Markovski
Data scientist

Aliaksei Mkrtychan
Business development

Vladimir Marochkin
Sales manager DACH region

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